Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who is that Handsome Guy?

You know, there are precious few pictures of me on this blog, because I'm usually on the back side of the camera! But, the other day when we were ashore, there was one of the Navy photographers with us and he snapped a few pics that had me in them, so I thought I would throw them up here.

Here, Commodore Laco and I are assessing the area around the city center port where we landed. Lots of damage to the port, but the US Military has made temporary repairs and has botten ships coming in and dropping off much needed material to support the disaster relief.

From there we traveled up to St. Damian's Orphanage and children's hospital and we put together a number of cots that we had been able to provide the hospital to make it possible for them to take some of our post-operative patients for follow-on care.
And after about an hour or so of that work, we got a tour of their facility and got to meet some of the volunteers who were there doing great things for the people of Haiti.

Well, our network is getting ready to go down for awhile, so I need to get this posted quick! Thanks for all your prayers!


  1. Your updates continue to inspire us to keep praying. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for doing all you do (the individual you AND the collective you). Our prayers will continue. God be with you!
    -- Darlene Young

  2. So proud of you and the job you have to effect so many people. God Bless you and keep you safe. I will keep shoveling snow here but thinking fondly of you.
    Till later,