Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Final Planning Conference

Today started our Final Planning Conference for the upcoming Continuing Promise-'09 mission.

We have at last count 115 planners and operators joining us for a three day push to put the final touches on our mission plan. This is the culmination of over six months of planning that has led us from a concept to a "ready to execute" plan. We have representatives from all seven countries, Canadians, Frenchmen, and others. We have Army, Navy, Air Force, Public Health Service, and representatives from most of the Non-Governmental Organizations who will be joining us on the mission (Project Hope, Operation Smile, University of California at San Diego, LDS Ministries, etc.) We are quite the eclectic group!

COMFORT is still in the throws of our yard period, so in addition to welcoming our guests, we are also loading lube oil and aviation fuel today! The smoking lamp is out!

My crew has been outstanding in getting us ready for this event: The dirt and grime of three months in a yard period was scrubbed away the drivers were assigned, the registration desk was manned, elevator operators, tour guides, greeters, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer all showed up at 0600 this morning with bright smiling faces ready to show off our ship and to take care of our guests!

It is such an honor to be associated with such a great crew and with such an important mission! Only about a week before we shove off from Baltimore! This is where it gets fun!

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