Sunday, March 29, 2009


What a week! Non-Stop! We've loaded hundreds of pallets of supplies and gifts from various organizations for us to take on our mission. We've exercised our daily rhythm for the deployment. We've solved lots of problems and found even more!

Seems like lots of people want to come see the worlds finest Hospital Ship! We've had lots of tours. The pictures here were a tour with members of the Joint Forces Command Surgeon's Office. Speaking of which, I don't think I've really shared with our readers what this ship is like: The Mighty USNS COMFORT. To put her in perspective, she's 12 feet longer, 14 feet wider, and 17,000 tons heavier than the Titanic.

We are the fourth largest shock-trauma hospital in the United States. We have 50 casualty receiving beds (equivalent to a shock-trauma ER), 12 Operating Rooms, 20 Post Anesthesia Care Unit beds, 80 Intensive Care Beds, 440 Moderate Care beds, and 440 Minimal Care beds. Four digital X-ray suites, one CT Scanner, a fully capable Laboratory, a blood bank capable of carrying 5,000 units of fresh and frozen blood, an extensive Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Bio-Medical Repair, a Galley (Food Service Department) that can produce 7,500 meals per day, a Laundry, an O2/N2 plant that produces all our oxygen needs, the ability to make 300,000 gallons/day of fresh water from sea water, and we can go anywhere in the world to bring this care where it's needed!

I was able to take some of our staff to the USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH tied up across the pier from us. We had lunch with the Senior Medical Officer (CAPT Lee Mandel, MC, USN) and got a great tour of the ship. From the Bridge, we were able to see out across the flight deck and get an eagle-eyes view of the Mighty USNS COMFORT!! It must be exciting being on the BUSH and being able to look over at the COMFORT !!

I had to run home this weekend to take my car back up to Maryland and Debbie has come back with me to see us off! Only a few days left till the fun really begins!!

A few more days, and we're on our way! Ready, Set, . . .

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  1. Hey Jody we will be praying for you!!!!!!!
    I can't believe how fast you snap back from major surgery. Have fun and spread goodwill and Christ. Reid