Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, CAPT Ware!!

So, we've been underway on this mission for about seven weeks. Captain Ware has been the CO of the COMFORT Medical Treatment Facility for almost a year! But no one seemed to know when his birthday was!

Then one day about a week ago, I hear from my wife, who has heard from CAPT Ware's wife, who asked us to wish the good Captain a Happy Birthday!

Well, we don't do anything small on the COMFORT! So tonight, following the 1900 Confirmation Brief, I took the microphone back from the Comodore and started to tell everyone present the importance of Operational Security. How we all need to work together to keep sensitive information out of the hands of the devious! I talked about the importance of protecting our personal identifying information, like our Social Security numbers, our credit card numbers, and, our dates of birth!

I told them that we can't be too careful! We never know who might compromise important information. I said, "So let's say that we were trying to keep the fact that we had a birthday coming up a secret, but someone at home, let the cat out of the bag! You never know what a devious person could do with that information!"

Then I asked CAPT Ware to join me up front, and a couple of our cooks brought up a great big beautiful birthday cake, and one of our Directors, CDR Mark Marino brought up the present we had prepared for the Captain.

I really think he was surprised, and everyone had a great time both pulling this off and in enjoying the celebration! Thanks for the "Heads-Up" Mrs. Ware!

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