Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello, Antigua!

That's pronounced, "An-tee-ga." And while I haven't been ashore yet, it surely looks like a beautiful place to visit from the Sea!

Today is our logistics setup day, so our helicopters are flying about 60 pallets of material ashore for the setup of our Main Medical Site at the Antiguan Multi-cultural center.

Tommorow we will start seeing patients there. I'm planning on going ashore tomorrow to check out our operations ashore. Hopefully I'll have better luck with my camera this time than I did in the Dominican Republic where I accidently deleted all my pictures while I was ashore!

It is about 6:30pm here right now. We have our daily confirmation brief for the upcoming day's operations at 7:00pm. Today is a special day onboard COMFORT. We have a contingent of Danish Surgeons and operating room staff onboard with us and today is the Dutch Liberation Day, when Allied troops liberated the Netherlands from the Nazi occupation of World War II. We're going to have a cake tonight to help them celebrate the event (it doesn't take much for us to come up with a reason to have a cake!). But the real surprise tonight will be for our CO, who I have been informed by the highest possible sources (his wife!) that today is his much-kept-secret birthday! Being the sneaky sort that we are, we have a little surprise celebration in store for him this evening. I'll take pictures and share them later!

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