Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anchored off Port-au-Prince

At first light this morning we were approaching our anchorage off the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We already had patients aboard from last night, and it didn't take long for more to start coming.

First we received patients that were transferred to us from the USS CARL VINSON and the USS BATON. Some of these men and women had horrible injuries and in short order were on their way to the operating room where our impressive team of surgeons went to work. As the morning progressed, more and more patients came and an awesome team of professionals took great care of them. It takes more than a doctor to care for these patients and our teams of Hospital Corpsmen, Nurses, and Patient Admin personnel combined with our patient transporters, security personnel, air crews and flight deck personnel did a great job.

Well, I have to run to our 1400 planning meeting.

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  1. Jody...CBS had a great story tonight about the USNS Comfort's mission to Haiti. So many of us appreciate what you're doing to help the victims of this disaster. There are many people here in Nevada following your blog and trying to help in any way that they can. Thank you!! Tam