Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 8: Meet Baby Isabel Rose!

If you refer back to my Day 2 post, I mentioned at the end that our first baby born on COMFORT was born that day. Well, here she is!

Her name is Isabel Rose. Now this is something that her mother doesn't know, but before the COMFORT was the COMFORT, she was an oil tanker named "Rose City." So Isabel Rose, welcome to Rose City!

Another busy day today! At about 4:00pm this evening I stopped by Casualty Receiving and we had already received 53 new patients. I don't know what the day totals were but after that, I was outside for a breath or air (it's really not very fresh here!) and helicopters were landing as quickly as one could get out of the way!

We have 75 Red Cross volunteers onboard helping us with translation. And today, a group of Project Hope nurses and doctors arrived to augment our nursing and pediatric care ability.

Well, it's after 11:00pm and I'm tired! If I get to bed now, I'll get six hours of sleep!

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  1. Capt Larnerd,

    Tam told us to check out your blog at work. Your words and pictures are so inspiring. Showing everyone what the teamwork of health professionals can truly make a differece to all people, the animals and even to a simple starfish. YOU All are in my prayers. May Heavenly Father gives you strength and comfort.