Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arrival in Haiti

We dropped anchor off the coast of Port Au Prince, Haiti at about 7:00am ths morning. There were fishing boats in the water as the coastline appeared through the mist.

Our first boat will go ashore in about 10 minutes as we begin our 10 day stay in Haiti. Today is a Logistics prep day. We will be moving lots of pallets of equipment and supplies ashore and will be setting up two Medical sites: One onboard the Haitian Coast Guard base at Killick, and one in the City Soliel section of Port Au Prince. Additionally, we already have SeaBees ashore renovating a dormatory at the General Hospital. Over the next few days we will have two teams of Bio-medical Repair people fixing broken medical equipment, Veterinarians treating livestock and other animals. We will have other volunteers painting and fixing up several projects around the city, and educators providing professional nursing and medical education to local health care providers.

We will also be running two outpatient medical sites, complete with optometry and dental services as well as Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Women's Health, etc. Our surgeons will start screening patients for the Operating Room and we will start our first surgies on Saturday morning.

Anyway, it's about to get busy! Got to go!


  1. I am thinking that you all must be very busy with all you have to do. I am so happy for you with your tasks and enjoy reading your blog. Please don't forget to take care of yourself. I miss you and love you. Debbie

  2. Today is a new day and I'm up early. Very early.. why am I up so early. Or well lucky day for Ruffy I am getting around and out for a walk with Ruffy.