Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day in the OR!

Wow, was today a blast! Thirty years ago next month, I graduated from Operating Room Technician School in Bethesda Maryland and started a nearly five year run as an OR Tech. 25 years, four months ago, I scrubed my last case as I headed off to do other things in my Navy career. Today, that dry spell ended! I got to scrub in on two cases today: An umbilical hernia repair, and a hydrocele. The first case, I was scrubed in with one of the ship's Surgical Techs (they changed the name a few years back, now they're called Surgical Techs instead of OR Techs). But the second case, I was on my own!

Lot's of people here on the ship have asked me if it was like "riding a bike." I guess it was kind of like riding a bike, but it will take a while to not be wobbly on it! Hopefully I'll get a chance to do this some more in the days ahead!