Saturday, April 11, 2009

Corpsman, Up!

Corpsman, Up! A phrase that has been synonymous with the engagement of the Navy Medical Department in eleviating suffering for many years. The Navy Hospital Corpsman is the medic who accompanies our Marines in the field and provides the first level of medical care to the sick and injured.

Yesterday, Navy Medicine engaged the medical needs of the people of Haiti!

We had approximately 150 people ashore. They finished setting up our two Medical/Dental sites, our Surgical Screening site, and a Professional Education site. Patient care started as soon as they were set up, and hundreds of people were served.

Our Surgical Screening site scheduled the first 72 patients for surgery on COMFORT and our first patient arrived onboard for care. Her name is Neritza Dor, a 15 month old little girl. Her mom led the way up the brow from our newly installed waterside platform. We're not quite sure how this platform will work when we're anchored somewhere where we have heavy seas, but for now, it is working great!

Meanwhile, ashore, one of our OR Nurses, Ensign Kathleen Kostka gives a "High-Five" to one of the Haitian children at the site.

I will be going ashore tomorrow to see first-hand how things are going. I'll take pictures!

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  1. Your dialog and pics are so uplifting. I am so grateful that you are a part of all this.
    Happy Easter Everybody......