Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello, Dom Rep!

I woke up this morning and we were about to anchor off of Santo Domingo on the Southern side of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispanola with Haiti, but the two countries are about as different as night and day. In Haiti, the hills were bare, trash was burning, and the sea was full of debris floating by at all levels of the water column. Here in Dom Rep, the water is clean, the hills are green, and there is a modern city skyline in front of us!

But, we're not anchored in between two large peninsulas like we were in Haiti, so this afternoon, the ocean swells played havoc with our waterside platform!

Today was our setup day and we had about 30 people ashore setting up our two medical sites. Tomorrow we storm the beaches with about 240 of our folks going ashore to do great things!

Today also started our first rotation of personnel. During this deployment, we are having nearly 900 people come and go in roughly 30 day increments. This is the first time we've ever tried this, and this week is the first rotation. We already had two people leave tonight and over the next 10 days, we will say goodbye to about 150 of our crew, and say hello to another 150 who are joining us. I'll have to give my now famous "nothing goes down the toilet unless it comes out of your body or off a roll of toilet paper!" speach.

Well, it's been a long day and tomorrow will be here way too fast, so it's time for me to sign off and get to bed! I appreciate hearing from those of you who have been commenting on the blog! Keep it up! The only problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to click on something to reply back to you. So, feel free to send me your comments to my e-mail address: jdlarnerd@comfort.navy.mil.

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