Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful day today was in Haiti! The morning started out warm with beautiful blue skys! We sent our first boats ashore today at 5:45am, but for those who remained onboard, we celebrated Easter with a sunrise worship service on our flight deck. Normally, that wouldn't have been possible, because the helicopters start flight operations about 5:30am and no one is allowed on the flight deck once flight quarters is set.

But last night, the Air Detachment announced that they were going to be doing some maintenance on their birds today and that there wouldn't be any flight ops. So we quickly decided to hold a service on the flight deck instead of up on the bow where we would have battled the noise from large air intakes for the ship. It was a beautiful service!

I am including a few pictures of our shore operations from Saturday. I was planning on going ashore today, but that needed to be rescheduled for Tuesday, so these aren't pictures I took.

I've got to run if I'm going to get any dinner tonight! Happy Easter to you all!


  1. Hi Grandpa, I stayed with Nonna last night and we missed you. We are packing up bears to mail to you today. Be sure you take pictures as they get passed out to the kids. I love you and thank you for what you are doing there. Love Trey and Nonna

  2. Dad it is so great to see and hear about everything you are doing. I am sure you are making such a diference in all of these peoples lives!! We sure do miss you around here and wish you could be with us. Keep up the good work and hope to talk to you soon. Love You :)