Thursday, April 16, 2009

Haiti from the Air

Below is some of the pictures I took the other day from the air of Haiti. Haiti is one of the most densly populated countries in the world wiht over 800 people per square mile over the entire country. Here is Port-au-Prince, the density is many times that rate! There are people everywhere! Traffic is unbelievable with everyone pretty much driving wherever they can!

Well, I'm headed out to the flight deck for our first Cinema at Sea! Tonight we're watching "Taken" shown against the side of our Helo Shelter! Time to pop up some popcorn and head out to the movies!


  1. Tonight I am exhausted. The compute keys feel like clay or mudl Time I go to bed. Izzie was a trip all day. Avon books are getting set up and distributed. The answering machine is working and the water isn't quite so brown... Should be fine for drinking by AM. I spoke with Sherry and she is having problems with her dryer, so on Sunday afternoon we are moving ours to her homem in your truck.It is the 15th payday and we need some money manuevers for navy federal. Did you do it?
    Also I would like to set up Rickie Lutz as a new payee on Quicken forthe lot rent I promised them. I can transfer money from my account to yours. I am looking at 250.00 from both of us. I'd like to post this this week To my hero,

  2. Going swimming to clear my mind.. A little confused with what you want me to do.. with $$$$


  3. 10 laps and devotions... What a start to a great day. Sun is out and the yard is calling for me to give it attention.
    I love you and miss you alot

  4. My emails to you are being returned ????
    I need you to make things happen for Shannon by the 1st.
    My miracle worker..