Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Haiti Ashore

Well I finally made it ashore in Haiti! I left COMFORT by helicopter at about 6:30am and we flew over our various sites before setting down at the Main Port HLZ (Helicopter Landing Zone). From there we traveled to the General Hospital to look at two engineering projects the SeaBees have been working as well as two education sites.

Following the visit to General Hospital, we went to the Cite Soleil Medical Site. At Cite Soleil I learned that CDR Vanscoy's family reads this blog, so here is a picture of the good Commander on site at Cite Soleil!

From Cite Soleil we traveled by boat to the other side of Port Au Prince to the Medical site at the Haitian Coast Guard base. From there we returned by boat to the COMFORT! Along the way, we circled the Coast Guard cutter THETIS who was here delivering Humanitarian supplies to the people of Haiti. Helecopters from COMFORT ferried the supplies ashore.

I will hopefully get a chance to get ashore earlier in each site that we visit. The trip today was very important to get an awareness of what our folks were facing ashore. Every one of our 150 people who go ashore each day do an awesome job in very difficult conditions. While we can't even begin to touch the need here in Haiti, for those several thousand who will receive care, they are getting it from true professionals who truly care for the people of Haiti!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post the days events even though you are so tired all you probably truely desire is to go to bed. I love you all the more.. Debbie

  2. Tonight you sound extremely tired. Don't forget to take care of you. I love you. Debbie

  3. What a day with Izzie. Iyyiyi... Tonight we have swim lessons. At least the sun is out. I love you bunches. Debbie PS. The answering machine is now working I will recall Sherri tonight. Love you alot

  4. Hey bro...Becca and I checked out the blog today...so cool that you are helping so many people. Just keep one eye open for those pirates...Be safe. We love you!! Tam